Thrive Themes Review 2020 – Here’s My Honest Breakdown

What Is Thrive Themes? Is It Really Worth Your Money?

In this blog post, I’ll be showing you the features that Thrive Themes has got to offer you, and also will help you better decide whether the product is right fit for you or not.

Thrive Themes provide WordPress plugins, themes, and additional resources to assist you build an effective website. Their products are laser focused on helping you to make the highest conversion rates possible from your website — no matter what your business is all about.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, service provider, product creator, or just a blogger who wants to create some engagement with their audience more effectively, Thrive Themes could have the tools you’re looking for.

In this review, we’ll look at their best and high performing products to help you make better decision if these are the right tools for your website.

We’ll go over the purchase options and pricing near the end of this review, but it’s worth it to mention that you can also buy their products individually or get access to all of them by joining their membership program.

Let’s get started.


Thrive Themes is one of the most common and also most popular third-party options available for WordPress plugins and themes. By laser focusing entirely on WordPress as a CRM, beginners or who just started out a business do not have to worry about making choices incompatible for their site.

As you already know, a ton of WordPress websites are made for the purpose of fun — personal blogs etc — although,  Thrive Themes is the best fit for those who actually want to build a business

Look over my shoulder as I build a landing page on Thrive here.

What are the pros & cons of Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes is one of the most professional, yet simple-to-use website building tools.

They provide you with WordPress templates and plugins, and also, you don’t have to know anything about coding because their drag-and-drop editor allows you to build special websites with zero technical skills

This conversion-focused set of tools is programed and designed with one target, and that is to assist you turn website visitors into life-time customers.

With it, you will be able to get more traffic, more leads, more sales, and eventually, more  loyal customers for your business.

However, for this awesome tool, there are also some pros and cons involved that we need to consider before deciding whether it’s a perfect deal for us or not… So let’s get into it


  1. Conversion Focus: There are just a few creators on the market who have such a rich set of tools focused on marketing and lead generation.
  2. More Than Hundreds of Page Templates: feel free to choose from almost 300 templates to help you begin creating pages quickly.
  3. Free Training: They’ve created Thrive University, which includes a variety of courses where you can learn everything you need to know about how to use each of the tools and how to implement a profitable strategy for each.
  4. Simple to Use: Thrive Themes has a very intuitive user interface. The drag and drop editor makes it easy to create pages – even for newbies.
  5. Awesome 3rd-Party Integrations: You can simply integrate with a lot of other marketing tools and services, such as plugins, platforms, etc.
  6. Fully Responsive & optimized: The Thrive Themes page builder and templates are all 100% responsive and fast.
  7. Great Marketing roles: This set of tools provides fantastic capabilities for building affiliate or digital marketing sites.
  8. Best Suite for WordPress: The templates and plugins work really nice and smooth for WordPress sites and are optimized for the WordPress platform.


  1. Many Products: The variety of the products they offer might be a little bit confusing specially for beginners.
  2. Massive Learning Curve:  Just like other new platforms on the market, Thrive Themes have their own learning curve.  I do think the platforms are intuitive and implementable, but it takes a little bit of time and patience to master them.
  3. Exclusive To WordPress: There’s no version of Thrive Themes that works with other platforms such as Drupal, Joomla, or any other website platform.
  4. Support Delays:  I’m not trying to say the support of Thrive themes is bad, It’s actually pretty good and helpful, but sometimes, it might get annoying specially when you are in the middle doing something else.


What Are Thrive Themes WordPress Plugins?


Thrive Themes have seven WordPress plugins in their portfolio, which will assist you to customize and edit your website, generate more traffic, sales and also engage with your audience and structure your content.


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The Thrive Themes WordPress Plugins:

Here’s an in-depth look at their most attractive plugins, as well as some information on their other tools.

Thrive Content Builder — Drag-and-Drop WordPress Page Builder Plugin

Thrive Content Builder allows you build custom WordPress posts and pages with a simple drag-and-drop user interface. You can also create your own designs from zero, or load up one of the many prebuilt page layouts and sections. ( which they have legacy templates and modern templates)

Drag and drop modules onto your page, then click on them to start editing.

Opening a page template in the Thrive Content Builder interface lets you to click on its items to edit them, with context-sensitive controls immediately appearing in the sidebar once you’ve clicked on an item. As this is an original builder, while you’re working you get to see your page the same as your visitors would do, and, because there’s no need to change browser tabs to see a preview of your design, the design and development steps is reliable and responsive.

Thrive Content Builder consists of a library of lead generation-focused page elements.

Other advantages of Thrive Content Builder include:

  • a WYSIWYG WordPress editor interface
  • You will be able to create full-width landing pages that converts really well.
  • a source of beneficial, customizable elements for your pages
  • a massive selection of pre-designed marketing-focused and conversion-focused page templates
  • a custom CSS and HTML backup for better monitoring over your designs.

Thrive Content Builder is a good comparison to other leading page builder plugins, such as Beaver Builder and Visual Composer, in terms of efficiency and creative alternatives. However, based on its pre-designed page templates and content modules, Thrive Content Builder is mostly concentrated on building marketing content and landing pages. It’s certainly a fantastic tool, but if you want help building a wider range of website pages Beaver Builder or Divi Builder and their various selection of templates might be better alternatives.

Price: From $67 on its own or $19 a month for all Thrive Themes products.


Thrive Leads — Email Optin Form Plugin

Thrive Leads is one of the most engaging and responsible lead generation tools for WordPress. Whether your goal is to grow your email list or convince your visitors to take extra actions, Thrive Leads can help you rally your goal conversion rates.

Thrive Leads gives you a ton of form types to choose from.

The primary focus of Thrive Leads is allowing  you to show your audience pop-ups on your website. These pop-ups can include any type of content, including email opt-in forms, products, text, images, videos, and CTAs (call-to-actions). Big shoutout to the Thrive Leads editor, you receive full control and monetization over how these forms and pop-ups perform. There’s also another cool option which is A/B testing tool to help you scale this content.

You can customize and edit the form and pop-up content through the drag-and-drop user interface.

Other advantages of Thrive Leads include:

  • a drag-and-drop editor for pop-ups and forms & etc…
  • Professional performance reporting and analytics tools
  • integration with the majority of popular email marketing software and tools
  • a full library of pre-desgined forms, pop-up templates, and content modules
  • a wide selection of pop-up triggers, consist of timed, scroll position, and exit intent
  • A lot of optin form types, including pop-ups, two-step optins, in-content forms, screen fillers, content locks, and more.

Thrive Leads is a powerful and fully-responsive lead generation tool that compares well to other related WordPress plugins such as OptinMonster and Bloom.

Price: From $67 on its own or $19 a month for all Thrive Themes products.


Thrive Headline Optimizer — Run Split Testing ( A/B Testing) Experiments on Your Headlines

On average, six times as many people read the headline as read the body copy, based on ‘The Father of Advertising’, David Ogilvy. With that in mind, it’s critical that you make sure your blog post titles are optimized and responsive to grab the attention of your readers and make them to click through to the full article. The Thrive Optimize  plugin was built to help you to make the most compelling headlines for your webpage and also split test them to see which one performs better.

Thrive Headline Optimizer lets you give a post or page a few titles to find out which one your audience responds to best.

With the Headline Optimizer, you can go for the content titles you’d like to scale. You can then enter multiple titles for each article to find the winner. This optimization plugin will then show the different versions to your visitors, tracking the engagement to find the best title.


Other advantages of Thrive Headline Optimizer include:

  • It allows you to enter as many headline variations as needed
  • a bulk editor to set up a few tests at the same time
  • an intuitive user interface and simple-to-grasp reports
  • WooCommerce integration for optimizing e-commerce products
  • It enables you to track click through rates (CTRs) on your blog page, recent posts widget, and other places where article titles are displayed
  • real-time headline optimization: high-performing headlines are automatically displayed to more of your audience as data is collected..

Price: From $67 on its own or $19 a month for all Thrive Themes products.


Thrive Apprentice Review: Simplest Way To Create Online Courses!

 Thrive Apprentice was the latest product launched by Thrive Themes and it was available for existing members for around a year.

In this Thrive Apprentice Review, I discussed much more about how to create an online course without spending your money on expensive and worthless Learning Management System LMS plugins.

Right now, the plugin is already launched for the lowest price and it’s going to be the only course you’ll ever need to learn on how to successfully sell your digital products.

Watch My Full Review of Thrive Apprentice Here

Thrive Comments

There is a little bit of discussion out there on whether blog comments are good to have. There are solutions to be made either way.

Thrive Comments is, basically, an alternative for the default comments system. It offers you way more ability (such as upvoting, etc.), but it also turns comments into part of your conversion tactics. For example, you can tell them that if they post a comment, they can get added to your opt-in list or etc.

Thrive Comments turns your blog comments into a must-have marketing tool. If I personally want to set up comments on my blog, it would only be with Thrive Comments.

You can get Thrive Comments  for a single site for just $39. It is included with the Thrive Themes membership.

Thrive Clever Widgets

This one is an older plugin they have, but it still provides a very cool stuff if you want to have a widget on your sidebar. It also allows you to put an extra option on the sidebar to monitor and control exactly where it does and does not appear. So cool huh? 🙂

If you want your widget to display on some specific posts, categories, tags, that’s what it exactly does Or, you could take out widgets from showing up in some examples. For example, maybe you have a login widget in your sidebar and there’s no reason for that to display it if they are already logged in. If you use Clever Widgets, you can hide it for logged-in users.

This plugin can become useful in some examples, however, some of it’s performance has been covered by other plugins. For example, all of this ability is created right into Thrive Leads so that you can have full monetization of where all your opt-ins show up.

Clever Widgets is available standalone for $39. It is included in the Thrive Themes membership.

Thrive Architect

If you already know a little bit about Thrive Themes, you probably have heard the term Thrive Architect making noise around the Internet as well.

Thrive Architect and Thrive Themes are two distinct tools. Thrive Architect is just one of the many plugins available with a Thrive Themes membership so it would not be fair to say that the two programs are one and the same.

That said, Thrive Architect is a very popular choice among subscribers, and it is a chief plugin available through your membership.

Thrive Architect acts as a content editor. Although it can help you adjust your page design and upload content, it is simply not as flexible and versatile a tool as Thrive Themes.

Thrive Ovation

It has to be said again: the most powerful marketing tool out there is the customers you already have.

Customer reviews and testimonials can be game-changer, especially if you are an emerging business.

A lot of customers have an uncanny ability to look through the glitz and glamour of most marketing techniques. But they do trust their guts and are willing to support businesses that have the support of people who are like them.

Thrive Ovation is a plugin that makes testimonial displays automatically and easy. The system will gather and display positive reviews on your site to help develop conversion and drive engagement.


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Thrive Ultimatum

Countdowns are funny, they are trendy, and they drive a ton of traffic.

Whether you are counting down to a specific occasional sale or the launch of a new product, countdowns are awesome in the sense that they will keep your customers looking forward to something.

Thrive Ultimatum makes it super simple to display countdowns on your website, as well as customize and edit them as you go along.

You would be shocked by how people act when they have time restriction − seeing a countdown clock could be the exact inspiration to your customers to go from your shopping cart right to the checkout page.

Thrive Quiz Builder

Quizzes aren’t just for individuality tests you find on different websites and landing pages. Quizzes can offer real optimization if they are designed in the form of feedback surveys.

But on top of that, they can also be so entertaining.

If you need to have a high-quality blog content for your business, in order to build your brand and market yourself, take adding quiz into consideration for much better content strategy!

After all, people really enjoy quizzes. A lot of websites have been so successful simply by just using quiz.

Quizzes definitely shouldn’t take over your blog posts and YouTube videos though. But, they can give the content you publish some variations and allow you to have a bit of fun when connecting with your web visitors.

Thrive Quiz Builder allows you design highly attractive quizzes without any hassle or headache.

Thrive Landing Pages

Thrive Landing Pages lets you create landing pages that are both fantastic and laser-focused on conversion.

The right fit landing page means a good first impression and a higher chance of potential customers sticking around and seeing what it is that you have to offer.

Like a lot of Thrive plugins, Landing Pages offers you the most creative control while also doing more of the dirty work for you. It allows you to lead with your own ideas, but easily translate them into landing pages that look great and work.

Thrive Architect vs. Thrive Content Builder

So, Theme provides Architect, it’s a plugin that allows you to build various pages. This option is very common and is also used on a regular basis to create attractive and functional pages, but it wasn’t always a part of Thrive Themes.

At one point, Thrive was utilizing a content builder and visual editor that had some restrictions and pitfalls. At the end, it was very restricted regarding features, and made it difficult for beginners to take over on the design part of their site.

Thrive Architect, on the other hand, is a great alternative. It is super user-friendly and welcoming towards beginners.

However, it will not get added to your Thrive Themes membership. This is not really good but in overall, it’s quite affordable for the quality it offers.

You can get the Thrive Architect for a one-time fee of $69. This is a game-changer from a lot of web-related expenses, which are monthly.

It is really nice to pay for something and always have life-time access to it − and Thrive Architect is the kind of super beneficial tool you will want to have forever.

Be Different From The Crowd!

Like in different fields, Thrive Themes is not its own rival.

Thrives has also its competitors, and I’m sure many of them also provide services with similar price ranges and levels of quality.

I can’t certainly say that for everything else out there. But I can discuss that for Thrive Themes when I say that the program stands out and is the one to assist you in your business, regardless of your field.

A Break Through Of The Cost Of Thrive Themes


The way Thrive Themes works is that most of their plugins are available as individual purchases OR you can buy a Thrive membership and you have access to everything.

My suggestion is to purchase the Thrive membership.

Now, I want to make the case as to why. Their membership costs $19/month, but you have to do so annually. Which means you will need to put in $228 into the membership. As a start, it might be a little bit tough to pay, but think about it long term..

I want to be as clear as I can here…

The value and quality for the money that you will get with Thrive Themes is unlike you will find anywhere else.

The reason I highly recommend a Thrive membership is because for one time investment, you get access to quality tools that will give you:

  • The ability to modify any landing page you desire (and you will need this to build your business)
  • The ability to build a real, high conversion optin strategy across your entire site.
  • The ability to do split testing to perfect your results over time.
  • The ability to build online courses
  • The ability to use highly-attractive quizzes for your online marketing.
  • The ability to do professional evergreen marketing funnels, all within WordPress.

Regarding to effective use of restricted startup capital, this is the best deal you will find.

And they mostly earn their money. Thrive Themes releases new updates almost every single week. Thrive Architect, is getting better on a regular basis. And since Architect is a fundamental component of most of their suite, it affects everything.

With Thrive Themes, you can buy their tools separately without any requirement for membership. Let us take a look at those costs (as of this writing) for a single-site license:

  • Architect – $67
  • Optimize (must be used with Architect and the package costs $127)
  • Leads – $67
  • Ovation – $39
  • Comments – $39
  • Headline Optimizer – $67
  • Quiz Builder – $67
  • Apprentice – $67
  • Ultimatum – $97
  • Clever Widgets – $39

If you want to go for single-site licenses to all of these products, that would  easily cost you $609. Keep in mind that if you want to use all of them on more than one site, the cost is higher.

With the Thrive Membership, you can secure it all in for $228/year. Plus, you get access to all of their themes (no longer available separately any longer), and Thrive University (their training site).

Also, the membership lets you to use their tools on up to 25 different sites! All the one-time prices mentioned above were for just one site.

You also get immediate access to the fresh plugins before they are released openly. For example, Apprentice was available for a short  period of time only to members before they made it available otherwise. In addition, they are now working on a universal theme builder that will get replaced for all of their other themes (the same as you build a theme with Elementor now). I can promise you that members will have access to that way before the general public.

The amount of marketing strategy that you can run using this suite of tools makes it a better option than anything else I have seen. That’s why I believe it is unique for anybody looking to build or grow a sustainable business on top of WordPress.

Memberships Vs. Individual Plans

Thrive Themes Review

Both of these options are available for you, so  you can access Thrive Themes, but one choice is clearly the best choice, at least in my opinion.

The Variations Of Memberships

Memberships are truly awesome alternatives in most cases because you can take what you need without putting too much pressure on what you’ve paid for everything else.

Consider it like this: if you purchased a single plugin, and it’s not a good fit for your website, you would probably be a little mad that you spent money in it.

With a membership, you will never have to worry about whether you are making the most out of like, Thrive Apprentice, because you’ll be too busy making the most of Thrive Comments (or vice versa, depending on your needs and preferences).


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When to Choose an Individual Plan

If you can mention the exact options you want from your opinion, it’s probably best to go with particular plugins.

There is a disadvantage to memberships after all: you have to keep spending some money every month.

If you need only a few of functional features, it is a no-brainer to pay for it once and forget it.

It is also essential to consider that the membership package lets you to use your Thrive Themes account for up to fifty websites. This is a fantastic choice for anyone who runs multiple sites.

I mean, consider it like this: if you run fifty different sites, you are seriously paying under fifty cents a month for access to such a wide range of features.

Why Is Thrive Themes Better Than The Other Options?

In spite of my suggestion, I have had people go with other alternatives. Some people have considered at that initial $228 purchase of their membership and they try to avoid it.

But, let us re-consider the comparisons here…

Let’s take Thrive Leads into consideration alone. It is included in their membership, or you can buy it alone for $67 for a single site. Let’s look at some of the bigger competition to Thrive Leads:

  • OptinMonster. To go for an OptinMonster account that is similar to what Thrive Leads does will cost you $29/month paid annually ($348/year). While OptinMonster is kinda awesome, the pricing is more expensive than an entire Thrive membership. It is a no-brainer, really.
  • SumoMe. Their free option is so restricted and if you choose to unlock it all, it costs $468/year.

There are also others. Some of them even free. But, they generally don’t pile up in terms of features. Plus, they don’t have the pair of tools that Thrive does. That’s the main thing about the Thrive membership… you’re not just taking advantage of opt-in forms, you’re getting the entire SUITE.

I’ve seen some of the major third-party all-in-one tools. For example, Clickfunnels has become popular and it is a cool tool, to be sure. It also costs $97/month, so do we need to get into this payment process every single month? Plus, you’re totally dependent on Clickfunnels. With Thrive, you’re on WordPress and you’re in control of everything. You’re not bounded into anything.

When it comes to page builders, there are other alternatives besides Thrive Architect. And to be clear, they’re nice in their own way. For example:

Thrive Themes Vs Elementor

Elementor is really similar to Thrive Architect and, to be clear, Elementor is a nice tool too.

You are able to build your whole theme with it. Architect is not quite there, but it will be because Thrive has their own theme builder.

The PRO version will run only $49/year and that’s a great deal for the price. If we were only considering Elementor versus Thrive Architect, it would almost be the same. Both tools are really nice and (as of this writing), Elementor has a bit of an benefit because it already can build the theme. Elementor is also accessible to third-parties so there are add-ons for it that give additional capability. But keep in mind, based my experience, Elementor reduces your website speed significantly… That’s why I stopped using it

I still suggest a Thrive membership over Elementor, though. And the reason is because of all the OTHER tools Thrive has and the tight connetction between them. While Elementor does a decent job of site building, I think Thrive does that very well, too, while also offering a more complete suite of marketing-centric tools.

In short, Thrive Themes is better fit for the online business owners because it checks more boxes than Elementor. The integration between the different Thrive tools is kinda difficult to beat. That said, Elementor is a very amazing  page builder.

Thrive Themes Vs Elegant Themes

One of the other major competitors to Thrive Themes is Elegant Themes. The two companies have similar background in that they started as theme builders and later sorted out into more complicated custom plugins that offer far more needs.

Elegant Themes has two main options which most directly take on Thrive tools…

First, you have Divi. Divi is their page builder and you can literally design your whole site with it. It is kinda a powerful tool, Honestly, I personally think it isn’t quite as intuitive to use as Thrive Architect, however. Their default Divi builder is just overwhelming, so that leaves their recent Visual Editor to more directly act like Architect. It is powerful, but just takes more getting used to at least in my opinion.

There’s something else called Bloom. Bloom is their opt-in form plugin that does mostly what Thrive Leads does. That said, Thrive Leads is more robust. The truth that Leads utilizes Architect as the editor means there is way more design variations. Bloom provides a lot more flexibility, but it is most likely within the restrictions of what Bloom provides. In addition, Leads provides more options for form types as well as placement.

Like Thrive, Elegant Themes has a membership for only $89/year. shockingly, they also have a lifetime option for only $249. When it comes to price, Elegant Themes seems like a better deal. That said, let’s consider what you don’t get…

You don’t get the course builder, a quiz builder, the split testing tools, etc. In general, you get way more out of with Thrive. Yes Thrive’s price is a little more, but you get more for it. Plus, Thrive tools are built with conversion in mind. They are more marketing-focused whereas Elegant is more concentrated on design elements.

Thrive Themes Vs Leadpages

Similar to ClickFunnels, Leadpages is also a cloud software. This means, Leadpages is kinda fast and delivers better UI/UX.

The main advantage of Leadpages are landing page building and lead generation.

More recently Leadpages also came up with “Leadpages Checkouts” in companionship with Stripe that allows you to collect payments. Whereas in the case of Thrive Themes it’s not feasable unless you use some external payments product.

When it comes to page builder, Leadpages doesn’t have many features like professional scarcity marketing, A/B testing of popups, quizzes, and many more.

Along with that, Thrive Themes membership comes at $19/month whereas Leadpages’ comparable plan costs you $48/month.

Any Negatives?

When you think about the return on investment, no. That said, like anything, there are always small things to keep in mind.

I wish Thrive Architect had this capability to have third-party extensions. Elementor does that and, as of this writing, Architect does not. To be more transparent, however, I’ve never felt lack in any way by this because Architect provides so much already. On the other hand, you never know what kind of things might come out if developers could put plugins onto Architect.

I wish there was a universal theme ready to go. I can tell you, they’re improving to it by the updates coming out for Architect. But, it isn’t there quite yet. It will be.

Support is awesome too.  for the most part. It is all done through a forum that has both public and private elements. It works very smoothly. That said, there have been times where I thought the person responding the ticket was a little too framed in their response and was giving me generic answers. I will say, though, that they are so responsive and helpful.

I have also figured out a little bit of code bloat with pages built with Architect. When you “View Source” and take look at the HTML, there’s some… messed-up code in there sometimes. This is just me being a bit of a sensitive, however. In the end, it doesn’t slow down the site and everything works perfectly in different browsers. Since that is the main purpose of a page builder, it does that job well. If I had to hand-code it myself, however, it would be thinner code. Of course, the whole point of Architect is that I don’t have to do any kind of coding myself. 🙂

My Final Word

When people want to get staretd with an Online Business, in Phase 1 I recommend 3 tools. They are:

  1. Solid web hosting (I recommend Bluehost  for that)
  2. A solid email list host (and I recommend MailerLite for people just starting out)
  3. Thrive Themes

In this post, I wanted to make my case as to why.

It is simple in this market to consider that everything is written and said for affiliate commissions. I hope that experience with me has shown that I never suggest something to my readers Only for that purpose. I have some certain requirements before I ever suggest something – one of them being my own personal experience. If I wouldn’t try it and play around with it myself, I could never recommend it to you.

I am a Thrive member. I use their tools in my business every single day. I would never cancel my membership because I feel I receive way more value from them each year than I pay.

And in this post, I hope I’ve made the case for why I think this is a super smart buy for you, too. Even with limited funds to invest.

If the membership is too much, I would think about Architect and Leads to be the bare minimum. But, by then, you’re not super distant from the cost of the membership so that’s the suggested way to go for.

After you get the big 3 recommendations above, the only thing you really need is a way to make some cash for orders. Such as a membership plugin. Other than that, although, you can simply just not spending a dime in future purchases and not spend any more money on tools for quite awhile. You will have access to everything you ever need in your journey.



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