Thrive Leads Review 2020 – My Honest Breakdown


Hey viewers welcome to this video on topic – Email opt in WordPress Tutorial this is a video on thrive leads tutorial for beginners and i will also do a thrive leads review along with this video tutorial Now to make an email opt in wordpress we will need to do a few things:

first we must have a good opt in form wordpress plugin like thrive leads or bloom (not a creepy one) then we need to have an email autoresponder like MAILER-LITE and then we can make our email opt in wordpress and start collecting email address

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Now that we have all the things we need let me tell you what exactly we are going to cover in this video email opt in WordPress Tutorial. although it is a thrive leads tutorial video and talks a lot about thrive leads popup, thrive leads widgets, thrive leads lightbox, thrive leads opt in forms we will still have a lot to learn on how we can use it effectively so here is exactly

what we are going to cover in this video:

✅ how to add email opt in to wordpress using thrive leads

✅ Thrive leads tutorials like – thrive leads popup, thrive leads widgets, thrive leads lightbox,thrive leads opt in forms

✅ Then I have shown you how you can make a sticky widget

✅ At last, I have done a Short thrive leads review 2020 that’s all I have covered in this video to show you how a tutorial about Email opt in WordPress.

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