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The Exclusive Blueprint That You Need To Begin A Crazy And Profitable Online Business!

Learn to be able to achieve this incredible goal… even if you have no tech skills!

Course Enrollments close SOON!


OK! Let Me Tell You Something...

What If I tell you that you can see all the CASH floating in your account while you just wake up and rubbing your eyes? Doesn't it sound strange? But wait, it's not over here. I've personally heard these words over hundreds of times from different people that I call "fake GURUS" and unfortunately, I spent thousands of dollars for their courses and they took me nowhere!


But I decided To Do Something life changing for all people, and I'm telling you that nobody has ever done that up to here. So let me tell you my secret: I planned to gather all information ( Every Single Point) that I've grinded for over such a long time, and reveal them for you right in this course!

I know it sounds weird, but that's the reality I want to stick to and you will see what I'm going to reveal in this Ultimate Online Course which is even less than cost of a frappuccino that you spend for every day. More importantly, you will learn this stuff from someone who has tried every single method and could eventually cracked the code and reach that shiny level.

I Introduce Affiliate Talent To You

In this ultimate online course ( Affiliate Talent Masterclass), You will learn every single step in order to start your affiliate marketing business in the next 30 days!

It means you will be able to implement everything that I teach you over my shoulder and see the results way faster and at a ridiculously low cost.

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 70% discount !

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join Us

You will find out the hidden secret  that none of the "fake gurus" out there tell you or want you to figure out. It's not done here. You will also get a ton of help from Affiliate Talent Facebook Master Group Members in order to show you the best way possible to achieve your goals. In this 6 week course, you will find pretty much every tool you need in order to get to that point and gain a massive success! You will see soon :)  

You Will Be Able To Start On The Right Way To Reach Your Goals

This strategy makes it so much easier for you to dive into the entrepreneurship world. Every single module is filled up with authentic and proven strategy you can grasp and implement right away.

You Will Follow A Super Easy Training Strategy

After joining Affiliate Talent, you are spending time and effort in a system that has been practical to others and led them to success.  You are also joining a Master Group which are available to assist.

You Don't Have To Invest A Huge Amount Of Time Upfront

You can waste months and years gathering essential information and knowledge OR achieve everything in only one place here in Affiliate Talent

You Will Be Able To Become a Master At Affiliate Marketing Business

You can easily get rid of repetitive mistakes by getting help from who has tried every method possible to get to the desirable result

Here’s what people are saying about the course

What You Will Get Inside This Course...


Module 1: Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

In this 4-lesson module,  you will learn the definition of affiliate marketing, Free Traffic Introduction, Paid Traffic Introduction And Google SEO Introduction


Module 2: What Is The Best Affiliate Product To Promote?

In this 4-lesson module, you will learn how to choose your niche, how to find the best products on different platforms (clickbank, CJ, etc..), how to use email marketing and funnels and also how to start Amazon affiliate program if you are interested in that one


Module 3: How To Build A Website?

In this section, you will learn how you can build your website and set everything up correctly ( step-by-step ). You will also learn how to choose a proper theme, how to add articles, how to modify them and how to optimize and structure them in the best way


Module 4: SEO Traffic Full Tutorial

In this 8-lesson module, you will learn how to rank your page, how to track your keywords, how to increase your website speed, how to to use backlinks and much more..


Module 5: FREE Traffic Full Tutorial

In this 6-lesson module, you will find out my secret sauce on how to rank on Youtube, how to track every action on youtube, how to optimize your articles and videos, and how to use proper keywords for the best results.

Email Marketing & Funnels Full Tutorial

In this module, you will learn everything that you need to know about email automation and funnels, such as creating landing pages, opt-in pages, and lead captures. You will also learn about creating a high quality email sequence to attract your visitors and convert them to customers. (All of them over-the-shoulder)

Paid Traffic Full Tutorial ( All platforms)

In this module, you will learn everything that you need to know about paid traffic which is a fundamental part of your marketing and progress. You will find out all tips and tricks about establishing a high quality paid ad, setting it up appropriately, and finally and more importantly, optimizing it the way which brings a massive traffic to your landing page or website.

*NEW: Launch Jacking Ultimate Tutorial (Step-by-Step)

In this module, you will learn everything about Launch Jacking step-by-step so you will be able to implement these strategies right after watching the tutorials. 

Launch Jacking is a process of promoting the other people's products or software, before they get released. It means, by just creating a simple review video or blog, you can generate hundreds of FREE quality traffic to your offer and make a flood of sales.


Now it’s time to introduce My Exclusive Bonuses!

Bonus 1
List Building Super [Hack]

Watch These Videos and Learn How Building An Email List Properly Can Net You Easy Triple Digit Paydays!

If you want to make so much money online, building an email list subscribers is necessary. You see, you may already have heard these words before, 'the money is in the list'.

Well, email marketing is one of the best way to connect, engage and build your authority as an expert online and if you've become an authority, chances are people in your list will most likely follow what you've inside.

That's why if you share valuable information or recommend new product that would be beneficial to them, majority of on your list will buy the product and of course make money out of it to your pocket.

Bonus 2
Funnel Optimization [HACK]

With this ebook you will learn...

  • what is a really profitable sales funnel
  • how to identify if your sales funnel is working
  • different components of sales funnel
  • where exactly effective sales funnels start
  • how to optimize your funnel properly
  • and much more!
Bonus 3

ClickBank Marketing Secrets

  • You are going to understand the importance of digital product affiliate marketing.
  • You will learn how to market products the right way.
  • You will understand how successful ClickBank marketers play the game.
  • You can begin to understand that you're going to have to use high quality content to deliver value to the lives of people you are trying to market to.
  • You are going to learn how winning ClickBank marketers choose niches.
  • Bonus 4

    Your brand and website revision by me! 

    Yes! you heard it right. After completing the tutorials, you can simply contact me and ask me to review your website and your branding, so you'll get a rough idea of what you have done. It means, you'll get my personal coaching for Free and you can ask all your questions. 

    About The Course Teacher,

    Erfan is an online marketer and Forex Trader since years ago and he could achieve a decent amount of success in a short period of time and decided to share his secret sauce with you in order to start making money online or even making more progress in your business. He has also combined social media marketing and dynamic strategy in this course to work with you in the most effective way!

    Good luck and stay consistent :)

    Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

    James N.


    Outstanding Character!

    I met Erfan quite a long time ago and I believed from that time that he's going to do something big to just help people out there and kinda take them out from "GURUS" environment. I hope he succeeds in this field and bring value.

    Nick L.

    Art Director

    Genuine Person

    Erfan is one of the few people that really works towards others satisfaction and success and not only for his profits. I really much appreciate his authentic personality.

    Marie J.

    Marketing Specialist


    In case of helping people and being with them, I would say Erfan has done a great job. It hasn't been a long time since I know Erfan, but I could notice that his main goal is providing value to people like himself, to save them literally thousands of dollars on fake courses and lead them to success as much as he can. You always get his support

    You Will Save A Fortune On This...

    Well, I think you know pretty much everything about his course now. If you still have some questions about some issues, I would like to remind you that I have personally spent over $1000 on different courses and mentors and none of them led me to success path, I was totally lost, but then I could eventually crack the code and found the most profitable method to share with the others with a ridiculously low cost, why? because my main goal is to help out people like myself in this journey, and save them thousands of dollars. I believe that your happiness and satisfaction worth a lot more than those shiny dollar bills. I would also like you to note that these contents are not even taught in school and it will never happen, but if it happens 1%, it will cost you at least $8,000 , Right?!

    Course Enrollments close SOON!


    100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

    If you get started with this program and don't achieve your desirable results from it, we will gladly give you the full refund. As I said, in this training you will get access step-by-step video tutorials to show you how to begin this journey, however, if you follow along the tutorials and they don't work out well, just contact us within 30 days.

    Don’t wait! Look at what past students have said about this course

    Aarav Acharya

    Practical Business Management

    Powerful Contents!

    As a business manager, I always thought that affiliate marketing is never going to work out, but then I decided to give it a try and find out more about it. It completely blew my mind. I learned things that I never learned in university and it could literally transform my financial situation. Now I've fallen in love with it

    Peter M.

    Freelancer Graphic Designer

    Super Simple To Learn

    I really found those 7 modules helpful and engaging. I never expected to see such step-by-step tutorial to show me exactly what to do and how to scale them. Moreover, the bonuses have helped me out a lot to figure out more stuff

    Henry S.

    Financial Advisor

    Easy To Implement

    I was always afraid to begin this business, because I had no idea about ups and downs, but I came across Affiliate Talent and decided to implement everyhthing over-the-shoulder of Erfan, and it was unbelievably simple to implement , but I need some more practice. I'm sure that it is achievable but takes a little bit of time

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to know a lot about computer to start?

    Is there any reason that your program is so cheap?

    Isn't this business already over-saturated?

    How do I make sure it's going to work for me?

    Is it too late to start this business in 40s?

    Do I need a lot of tools and accessories to start?

    Personal Note:

    I'm so proud that I'm sharing these hard-earned contents with people who are really passionate to learn and ready to implement. My main goal is to help you overcome all challenges you are facing in this industry and getting rid of misleading information by "fake GURUS" out there. So if you really want to transform your dreams into reality, I would say you want to enroll in Affiliate Talent Masterclass today and change the game

    Wish you the best :)


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