Bluehost vs GoDaddy Hosting 2021: Which Is Best?

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Here’s The Honest Breakdown About Bluehost vs GoDaddy- Which One Is Best?


Bluehost vs GoDaddy hostings 2021, one of the great challenges and competition of all time. Ali/Frazier, Kennedy/Nixon, Bluehost/GoDaddy. This may sound a little bit hyperbolic (and it is to be honest) but the two hosting providers are real forces online. They host thousands of websites and serving millions of visitors from all around the world.

They are both really big names in the market, and you are probably wondering, “what’s the difference really?” Each will provide more or less but the exact same service right?. I would say, Bluehost and GoDaddy are kind of similar, but there are some significant differences to consider when choosing which one to register with.

In general, Bluehost ranks way higher than Godaddy based on some research. Although they both are really well optimized with tons of features, however, Bluehost offers a little bit better support and value for your money.


What Are The Features And Performance?

Bluehost and GoDaddy are both amazing where characteristics are concerned. As top marketers in the market they can’t afford not to be. Accordingly, there’s very little to separate them.

Bluehost GoDaddy Hosting
Free domain? Yes Yes
What is  the Control panel cPanel cPanel
Free backups? Yes No
How Much Disk space? 100GB Unlimited
Uptime 99.97% 99.96%

The uptime of both is kind of astonishing – 99.97% for Bluehost and 99.86% for Godaddy. That’s even less than two days of downtime a year. Amazing uptime simply is not possible, but these two have got as close as possible 🙂

They both use the cPanel control panel, the standard form for controlling your hosting. The UIs are really responsible and user-friendly, although we think Bluehost has a little extra polish to it.

Godaddy provides unlimited disk space, on the other hand, Bluehost has got it at 100GB, but then smaller websites can rarely get close to that limit. More importantly, Bluehost provides free backups, which is awesome security to have.

Bluehost vs GoDaddy – Which is Better Web Hosting In General?

If you are in hurry, let me tell you our opinion 🙂

In general, Bluehost is way better than Godaddy since its features are through the roof.

As well as providing better hosting, Bluehost is way more user friendly. It simply offers better performance. This is particularly true when it comes to their original web hosting packages and WordPress hosting services.

Bluehost also offers exceptional WordPress managed hosting. They are rated really high in some review websites as well as being recommended by WordPress as a recommended WordPress web host

What is WordPress Hosting & Web / Shared Hosting?

I would say, “WordPress Hosting” is one of the most confusing products in this industry. There is an article on WordPress Hosting here.

But here’s the brief version.

  • WordPress is a software that can perform on almost any Linux-powered hosting plan, exactly just like Microsoft Word which is a software that can run on any Windows or MacOS computers.
  • WordPress utilizes server resources in some predictable ways and has some predictable support needs in comparison with other software
  • Some businesses have created hosting plans with various add-ons and customized resources particularly for WordPress. They call these plans WordPress Hosting Plans
  • On the other hand, some companies just take their website hosting plans and build a landing page to concentrate that their default web hosting plans run WordPress.

Bluehost is a web hosting company emphasizes that their default web hosting plans perform on WordPress. The registration is the same, the pricing is the same, and also the advantages are the same between their Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting Products

Bluehost Web and WordPress Hosting


Godaddy is a web hosting company that has a customized WordPress hosting plan, except that it does not seem to add any particular technical advantages. It only has some stricter limitations and a little more expensive price. The WordPress hosting plan promises “auto-install” although they promise “one-click installation”

What Are The Comparisons Between Bluehost and GoDaddy Plans?

To kind of compare “berries to berries”, I suggest comparing Bluehost Web Hosting Plan with Godaddy web hosting plans it’s a fairer comparison, and it also leaves the customer with more hosting options

Both their web hosting plans run on WordPress. In fact, Bluehost’s web hosting plans onboard nicely with WordPress as default. GoDaddy has a practical customized dashboard that does make WordPress available with only one-click

What About Pricing & Value for Money?

Bluehost’s and GoDaddy’s web hosting plans are unbelievably similar with only a few differences. Here’s their current pricing charts.

Bluehost Plans Pricing
GoDaddy Web Hosting Plans Pricing

Both Bluehost and GoDaddy have a regular discounting rates, so it’s way better to consider their renewal rates…which turn out to be *exactly* the same.

So here’s a few important differences in their plans –

  • Bluehost consists of an SSL certificate in every shared hosting plan, which is imperative for any website.
  • On more affordable plans, GoDaddy caps databases while offering a bit more storage. These key differences are kind of marginal, except for specific situations such as running a few software installs or even uploading a lot of high quality photos.
  • But on more expensive plans, Bluehost bundles and categorizes backups while Godaddy always charges more.

Why You should use Bluehost?

If you are looking for a trustworthy web hosting provider with a powerful reputation, Bluehost is a fantastic option. Furthermore, we would highly suggest Bluehost for:

  • Anyone wanting to dive into the blogging world
  • Anyone needing to gather around small and medium E-commerce websites
  • Anyone that doesn’t want to pay any for extra bandwidth
  • Anyone wanting flexibility and freedom about their website appearance
  • Small to medium scale businesses

So Which One Is Best? Bluehost Or Godaddy?

After the comparison of Bluehost and Godaddy, we definitely suggest Bluehost over Godaddy for the reasons mentioned above.

It’s awesome for newbies, and the improved scalability allows business owners to scale and improve regarding their revenues or business requirements. In addition, Bluehost gives better value for money and fantastic customer service – so their post-sales service is way better compared to Godaddy.

Have you ever tried Bluehost and Godaddy for hosting your website? what has been your experience with Bluehost?
Let us know in the comment section below.







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